“I have contracted with Mark Shelton and David Rivers of Native Range for a variety of capture jobs, including mule deer, pronghorn and elk. Having worked with various capture crews over the last 10 years to capture ~1,500 ungulates, I can say with confidence that Native Range is second to none in terms of their flying ability, safety, animal handling, and professionalism. We have captured animals using both Hughes 500 and Robinson R44 helicopters. The R44 has always performed as well (or better) as the 500, and has much better visibility….In short, I highly recommend Native Range”.

Hall Sawyer, Research Biologist, WEST Inc., 2012

“Mark has piloted over 30 separate aerial net gun capture operations for us and has captured in excess of 1,200 animals in Nevada. Without question, Mark is the most skilled, safe and successful aerial net gun capture pilot NDOW has contracted with during my tenure with the agency….We all speak highly of Mark and how successful our captures are completed by him and his crew. Mark is more than just an exceptional pilot. He truly is a great person, who cares about the animals he captures, is very conscientious of his work, respectful of the biologists and volunteers he works with and is always striving to be the most effective he can at every capture event even under the most difficult conditions”.

Mike Cox, Big Game Staff Biologist, Nevada Department of Wildlife, 2010

“We have worked with Lisa and Mark Shelton on helicopter captures every winter since 2009. Our study involves the capture of mule deer along the South Saskatchewan River valley and to date Mark and his crew have captured over 350 animals for us. The captures are often very complicated with the retrieval of specific deer as well as the avoidance of other collared animals. The animals are brought back to a central processing area where we take a number of samples and then the crew return the animal to where it was first captured. Mark and his crew have always been very accommodating, patient and flexible with our demands. There are often a large number of people at the processing site and the helicopter crew are always concerned about our safety and well-being as well as the animal’s. We have worked with another helicopter company in the past but by far we prefer Mark and his crew. The animal’s safety is top priority for them and their animal handling skills are exceptional. The crew are very friendly and easy to get along with but also always professional and courteous to the customer. We plan to use Native Range for our capture in 2013 and will continue to use them in the future”.

Marnie Zimmer, CCWHC Biologist, Saskatoon, SK, 2012

I have observed Mark Shelton capture big game the past four years in North Dakota, and he is without question the best and most highly skilled helicopter pilot with whom we have ever worked. Mark’s expertise with a helicopter not only makes a very dangerous project much safer, but the well-being of the animals being pursued is also greatly increased due to his exceptional piloting skills. Furthermore, Native Range’s gunners are very efficient at properly and safely net-gunning animals, which not only shortens the amount of time needed to deploy collars, but enhances the welfare of the captured animals. The Native Range crew has captured bighorn sheep and deer in North Dakota the past four years without a single capture-related mortality. Consequently, NDGF has contracted their services again this year to capture bighorn sheep and mule deer”.

Brett Wiedmann, Big Game Management Biologist, North Dakota Game & Fish Department, 2012

“Despite the difficult circumstances Native Range performed in an exemplary manner. All coyotes in need of recapturing were quickly located and captured by Native Range. In addition our sample size was significantly bolstered thanks to Native Range. Mark Shelton and his crew maintained a perfect balance of professionalism and congeniality during the three days they assisted with our research efforts. I have worked with several other capture companies, and I can easily and honestly state that Native Range is by far the best company I have encountered. I will continue to use Native Range for my current research, and hope to work with them on future projects”.

Bryan Kluever, PhD Candidate, Wildland Resources Department, Utah State University, 2011