About Us

Native Range is a full service wildlife capture company.  We provide safe, reliable, quality helicopter wildlife capture services to our clients. We specialize in capturing, collecting biological samples, placing radio collars, transporting, disease testing, and controlling wild animals using the most efficient and humane methods possible.

     Netgunning bighorn sheep, Nebraska


Mark Shelton specializes in wildlife capture and has been flying and performing helicopter wildlife management work since 1997, initially in New Zealand and then since 2005 in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Mark has captured and worked with most North American big game species across many states and provinces.

Native Range’s gunners and animal handlers are all experienced and proficient in net gunning and darting as well as all aspects of animal tagging, biological sampling and data collection. We perform these services with the highest standard of care and welfare for the animals and we pride ourselves on our documented low rates of animal injury and mortality. Our company has Standard Operating Procedures outlined in our Animal Handling Manual (available upon request).